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9/11 is a more difficult subject to broach. I would recommend you discuss the 1993 world trade center bombing. Emad Salem was an Egyptian officer hired by the FBI to infiltrate the group that ultimately did the bombing of the WTC. He tried to prevent the bombing, the FBI prevented him from doing this, and then they attempted to prosecute him as a co-conspirator.

He was (properly) paranoid, and recorded all his conversations with the FBI. When he was indicted, he began to release audio tapes of his dealings with the FBI, and charges against him were dropped.

Here's an ancient report involving him:


Other people took up the mantle years later.


Emad Salem is recorded in Wikipedia as well:


Given the intelligence agencies could probably have prevented the WTC bombing in 1993, it's likely they had a part in 9/11. The bombing isn't as politicized, nor is it as attacked. This happened during the early days of the Internet before there was full infiltration by "public relations" groups to sway opinion.

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