EDIT: Oh, you know who Ryan Dawson is. Nevermind. Maybe other people don't though so I'll leave this up. I probably found you through Ryan Dawson.

Be certain to archive the videos you make and don't depend on YouTube not to censor you, but I'm sure you're fully aware of that.

You might want to look into what Ryan Dawson has said about 9/11 - he ignores the physics and all that other garbage, and looked into just the people involved with it.


He's got a Substack as well:


And Judy Woods isn't a nut, she's a liar - and intelligence asset. She's using her credentials in order to discredit investigation into the event. She's too well educated to be that stupid. There's lots of dirtbags like her, Steve Pieczenik is one of them. There's plenty of people who are what Michael Rivero calls "kookifiers". Alex Jones frankly is one of them.

Just crazy it up as much as possible, and if you broach the subject to somebody you're "one of those people that thinks..." - no, I don't think there were holograms, no I don't think there were directed energy weapons involved - you have to spend an hour explaining what you have dismissed, but they've heard about it, because the intelligence agencies have been spamming the Internet for the last 20 years with this BS.

I find a good rule of thumb is, if you find some crazy conspiracy theory (a particular one) allowed to be on YouTube, FaceBook, or Twitter - it's pointing you down a rabbit hole that goes nowhere. If it's entirely censored on those sites, it's possibly true. Truth is censored, conspiracy nonsense is not.

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