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The Actual Conspiracies Involving United Airlines Flight 93

The Actual Conspiracies Involving United Airlines Flight 93

When United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into an open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11th 2001, nobody in Somerset County imagined that this horrific incident would be thoughtlessly expressed by the minds of fringe conspiracy theorists who would entertain, repeatedly, irrational theories that would undermine current federal and local investigators looking at foreign intervention and financial assistance into the cooperators of this crime. Or by the federal government who made sure to use the FBI to omit certain information that may be relevant to what took place before and during the hijacking. In time these outlandish theories, which still persist today, have made the crime that took place here seem like a distant cousin of sorts. The victims and their loved ones deserve much better than what is being told by either federal investigators who omit certain information pertaining to this incident, or by irresponsibly unhinged conspiracy theorists. In this episode i will give a historical outline of the actual anomalies that took place before, during and after the crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 

J. Michael Springmann & Bonnie Faulkner interview transcript:

Article regarding cell phone use on board airliners:

Flight 93 passengers personal effects return back to families:,effects%20salvaged%20from%20the%20site.

CIA potential recruitment of Mohammad Haydar Zammar and Marmoun Darkanzali:

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