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An Interview With Sean Russell & Darin Harvey (Beyond Ground Zero)

An Interview With Sean Russell & Darin Harvey (Beyond Ground Zero)

In todays episode i invite Sean Russell and Darin Harvey, two geopolitical 9/11 researchers, writers and online activists who have created a newly formed podcast which delves into the various histories involved with the September 11th 2001 terrorists attacks. The podcast, "Beyond Ground Zero", is currently hosted at Odysee. Both Russell and Harvey have taken a passionate interest in studying the intelligence services along with domestic and foreign politics that are entwined with this event .Both Sean and Darin have come a long way, and i couldn't be more proud to watch them grow as responsible and historically accurate independent investigators over the last 4 years. During our conversation we went over Sean and Darin's initial beginnings into this subject and covered various areas, including, the Bojinka transatlantic airline bombing plot, the 1993 WTC Bombing and the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. 

Beyond Ground Zero - 1993 World Trade Center Bombing:

The Lost Brooklyn Subway Bombing Plot of 1997, article published by Darin Harvey:

Sean Russell YouTube Channel:

Darin Harvey YouTube Channel:


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The Darkened Hour will host interviews with the leading experts in their fields relating to the September 11th 2001 attacks. Content will also expand to fields relating to said event with invigorating, rational discussions weekly. We will also cover Middle East History, the history of the Intelligence Community (foreign & domestic), U.S-Israel-Saudi geo-politics, and the psychological characteristics of those involved with terrorism and the political sphere,.
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